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City Mania: Town Building Game is an RTS management strategy game where players attempt to build the biggest and most prosperous city as is humanly possible. In order to do so, you'll need to plan the construction of highways, create buildings to attract new citizens, manage your energy resources and much more.

Starting out players receive a tiny village as their property including little more than just a few scattered houses and one or two mom-and-pop shops. Over time you'll need to construct new buildings and watch as your little town slowly but surely transforms into an authentic metropolis teeming with life and its thousands of inhabitants. In order to grow you're in charge of constructing unique new buildings to add onto your city.

In City Mania: Town Building Game you build houses and residential areas, roads, factories, shops, fire stations, monuments, government buildings, communication towers and much much more. Each building has specific purposes and advantages but they all draw upon your resources in different ways so you'll need to time construction carefully so as to avoid tapping out your capital.

Although usually acting as the politician in charge of managing a city and caring for its citizens is enough; in this game you'll also get to watch other players and visit their budding cities. When visiting your friends' towns you'll notice what they're doing right and can steal their tips and tricks but you'll also gain insight into where and how they're letting things slip.

City Mania: Town Building Game is a fun strategy game that has nice graphics. Thanks to over 100 different building types available within the game you'll always be able to continue promoting progress in your city building it to constantly greater heights.
By Erika Okumura
Build a city from the ground up with City Mania

Strategy and management games are in an interesting habitat on smartphones. Whether it's building hospitals, rail monopolies, or restaurant empires, the world of Android is a more than interesting place to host games in this genre. And this is precisely where City Mania finds its home – managing cities, or more specifically building them from the ground up.
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Android 4.0.3 or higher required